Monday, April 20, 2009

The Unbridled Enthusiasm of 1980's era Caucasian Youth

They're fruit go
Some of Link and Mario
Boogie Boogie to the sound
C'mon, baby, let's get down
Jammin all over the place
Keep it movin'
Don't be late
Yeah, baby, work it out
C'mon, ya'll, twist and shout
Talkin' about those fruit snacks
They come in bright packs
So we like 'em like that
And I'll bring some back

Super Mario (Real Fruit Snacks)
Nintendo (Fruit Snacks to go go)
Super Mario (Real Fruit Snacks)
Nintendo (With characters of Nintendo)
Super Mario (Real Fruit Snacks)
Nintendo (Let your fingers snap)
Super Mario (Real Fruit Snacks)
Nintendo (While you do the Mario rap)

Princess Toadstool is my friend
So sing along to the end
Dance Dance Dance to the beat
Move my body in my seat
Party all day and night
Make it loose
Keep it tight
Like 1 2 3
Or Mario, Toad, and Luigi
Do your dance
Dancing machine
Don't be dirty
Keep it clean
Move to the east...and west
Shake your body and nothing less


Move quick around the land
Everybody just clap your hands
Party with me...and Shyguy
C'mon try try try
Princess Zelda, sing your song
Cause Link won't be long
Listen to the words...I say
There's gonna be a brighter day
Yeah Yeah Yeah
Keep it movin'
Now you're jammin'
And I'm groovin'
If I try really hard
Maybe I might be a star

Chorus x 2

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